Category: Costalegre Flavours

Dining In – Our first Banana Leaf Experience

This week, Pj picked up a couple Mexican cookbooks (in Spanish) at the OXXO. Our first foray into new dishes was Chicken Breast, stuffed with Cheese and piled with vegetables and basil – steamed in a banana leaf…. Read More

Aztec Bar and Grill in La Manzanilla

Dining Out La Manzanilla Style Tucked away, off the beach and away from the evening bustle of town, ┬áis this very wonderful surprise. Do not be fooled by the modest exterior. Inside, you will find all you would… Read More

Fiesta Guacamole – Live a little, Costalegre Style

Fiesta Guacamole! Modified slightly over time from the BHG cookbook, we call this Papaya-Pomegranate Guac Fiesta because it is so full of colour it just makes you feel GOOD!   Our version uses 1/4 pomegranate 1 avocado 1/2… Read More