Life is a Highway – Driving in Mexico

Life is a Highway – La vida es una autopista … Have you wondered what driving in Mexico is like?

driving in mexico

On the road again.

No sooner had we gotten our decal attached and we were #OTRA – On The Road Again.  We had already noticed  – since we had trekked about 20 km from the USA Border crossing to the vehicle registration tourist visa station that even tho SiriusXM told me they did not have coverage in Mexico – we still had “tunes!!”

The drive though Nogales Mexico was narrow, windy, bumpy and two way traffic… Typical small Mexican town stuff. This was my first real driving in Mexico – as I really could not reach the pedals in the four speed F150 ( with dimmer switch on the floor) that we borrowed last winter! Mexico is a great place to practice one’s defensive driving skills and a vast  contrast to the wide divided highways that had been our USA experience almost all the way.

Soon, however – once we were out of town – we were back to mostly two lane divided highway. The difference was – much of it was under construction.

A new, divided highway will soon (ish) stretch from the boarder  to Melaque…. being worked on by the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Nayarit and Jalisco.  Much of this improved transportation corridor will be constructed of Concrete – approximately 10 – 12 inches thick. This is poured on a base of 3 layers of different crush – by huge machines – ( we saw at least 10 of them on our trek) which appear to pour two lanes of concrete at a time – while inching forward over the prepared base.

WOW. This road system is going to be something. Truck transportation is a big, vital industry in Mexico – to move goods in, out and around the country.  We saw thousands of trucks – mostly heading north.

We saw mostly newer Mexican registered vehicles – the odd Arizona, Alberta or BC plate on a car, truck or RV.

Notably, we met “Nebraska” – a single woman, perhaps in her 60’s. Driving a small Kia car, headed for Mazatlan – with a year of car insurance – a decal for 6 months and her small dog.  It was her first time in Mexico. She had heard of Mazatlan – and struck out, on an adventure. Just her and her dog.

We had met them in Nogales AZ at the hotel we stayed at – saw her on the highway  crossing the border – connected with her at the registration station and made sure she got her tourist visa stamped. A couple times on the drive we spotted her – as we played pass the car.  I hope she ventures south to La Manz – I would love to hear her adventures.

Our first task was to find a Cajero (ATM) and replenish our pesos as we were “Fu***d, in the middle of the desert – but had a full tank of gas” according to Pj. More on that later.

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